Community Work

Almost Nude by Nia Nicole is empowering women with choice. This all inclusive, ethically designed swimwear  label focuses on pieces that immaculately fit all body types, providing women a range of options to feel and look their best. These figure-flattering designs come in a spectrum of neutral shades, representing the expansive skin shades seen in the human race. This inclusivity empowers women to feel confident and genuinely supported when wearing Almost Nude. When sourcing quality fabrics and dyes that ensure Almost Nude garments are durable, this was also at the forefront. The Almost Nude manufacturing process creates profitable, fulfilling and sustainable jobs for women around the world, enabling their independence and confidence as a woman. Locally, women in need are also empowered when proceeds from each purchase contributes towards menstrual and sanity kits. Almost Nude by Nia Nicole is bringing confidence to women, far beyond their customers.

Community impact is really important here at Almost Nude by Nia Nicole, so we are working with the organization SCO Family of services to support people in need. SCO Family of Services is a nonprofit organization that provides essential support and services to vulnerable individuals in need, specifically unhoused people ages 16-24.

With your purchase, SCO Family of Services can enhance their capacity to provide vital resources, improve the lives of those they serve, and make a positive impact within the community. When you support Almost Nude by Nia Nicole, you are indirectly contributing to the valuable work SCO Family of Services does and helping to improve the well-being of individuals and families who rely on their services. Almost Nude by Nia Nicole is bringing confidence to women & their families, far beyond their customers.